Eerder Xplorer

Untill further notice the Xplorer order book is closed. I've got so much work ahead of me that it doesn't make sense to add more people to the list. The Xplorer bag on the other hand is readily available through the webshop

I can offer Xplorer frame kits and complete bikes based on existing long wheel base (LWB) Bromptons (post 2010 preferably) or with a Brompton main frame and stem from my stock. For the time being I have enough stock of frameparts (main frame and stem) to build complete Xplorer bikes with, so no need to ship Bromptons from far away destinations to the Netherlands. For people who want to build an Xplorer themselves based on a Brompton of their own you can leave the main frame, stem and a few other parts out of the price of the Xplorer frame kit which saves you up to a maximum of €792. And keep in mind that you might need some extra parts. In case of a derailleur version you need some tensioning devices to take up all the chain when folding. In any way, based on the bike you own and the specs of the Xplorer you want to build I can compile a kit that fits your needs.

Some history:
As you might have seen on my Instagram account it all started in February 2018 with modifying Brompton's own rear frames and forks to accept disc brakes and derailleur gears in normal 16" Bromptons, still a fairly narrow tyre. After that, I started building CroMo rear frames and forks myself in June 2019 (instead of modifying Brompton frame parts) and made them suitable for 18" and later even 20" wheels and 2.2" wide tyres. 20"x2.6" is the latest iteration. The main frame is still original, except for shortening the headtube for a fork that fits 2.6" wide tyres. So keep that in mind when you want to build your own conversion with my rear frame and front fork. You need to ream the HT deeper, carefully cut to length, ream deeper again and finally face it (with a standard 1 1/8" combined reamer-facing tool).

The fold:
The Xplorer folds about the same as a regular Brompton, folded size is 75 cm long with pentaclip forward or 67cm with the saddle removed, 66 cm high for an S or M stem, 71cm high for an H stem and 38 cm wide with SQlab back sweep handlebar and SQlab grips making it wider than it would be with a straight (non back sweep) bar. With a more or less straight bar it would be about 35 cm wide or even a bit less. A regular M type Brompton with telescopic seatpost measures 61 long, 61.5 high and 30 wide, so that makes the Xplorer 14 cm longer or 6 cm with the saddle removed, 4.5cm higher and up to 8 cm wider (or less with a straight bar). Have a look at the photos attached.

The rear frame and front fork are designed for:
IS Disc mount or Post Mount (with the appropriate adapter) 180 mm rotor size max , but for more control you're probably best off with 160 mm front and back or even 160 front and 140 rear. Hydraulic brakes can be very grippy and hard to modulate on wheels this size. the Brompton chain tensioner in combination with hub gears like Alfine (non-turn-washer cutouts are in the dropouts) and Rohloff (use the OEM2 axle plate) Or derailleur gears with a custom derailleur hanger. Not made a provision to open up the rear frame and tension/adjust Gates belts yet. My personal preference is derailleur gears and that's what my focus was on that during the 18 months of development.

Materials used:
Front fork: Pacenti investment cast crown with Chromoly Steerer and Columbus SL0I16V1 oval blades. These blades are actually not made for disc forks, but in this shorter than normal length, with the smaller end of the tube removed, it does the job just fine. No problems so far and I've put my bike really through it's paces. Rear frame: seamless cold drawn Chromoly 19mm chainstays and 10 mm seat stays and vertical stays. Laser cut parts are Domex 700 (High grade high strength steel).

Oxy Propane flame silver and bronze brazing and Tig bronze brazing and Tig fusion welding

My own Ochre brown - RAW unpainted Xplorer (No.1) weighs 14.3 kg with alu mudguards, lights (270 gr) , toolkit (220 grams) and Brooks saddle included.

  • weight rear frame Xplorer 20" 1166 gr (original 796 gr)
  • weight front fork Xplorer 20" 710 gr (original 540 gr)

Some pricing: I can offer the 18/20 inch frame parts as a frameset or as a complete bike.

A complete bike:
  • with the utmost care assembled
  • original powder coating on the Brompton main frame and stem
  • Clear powder coating on the rear frame and fork
  • Deore Xt derailleur and shifter (10 or 11 speed)
  • Deore XT hubs, crankset and bottom bracket
  • maintenance friendly TRP (two piston!) mechanical disc brakes combined with Brompton brake levers
  • polished Aluminium Velo Orange mudguards
  • Brooks saddle (of your choice with steel rails)
  • MKS Always Ezy Superior detachable (rinko) pedals
  • and proper rechargeable lights, front: Cateye and rear: Busch & Müller

is around €5500,- or more for custom paint. It doesn't really get any more affordable than this, at least not much and not advised, so this is the base model, great bike!

A complete bike with Deore Xt derailleur and shifter (10 or 11 speed) + Hope hubs, Hope X2 disc brakes, Hope Evo crankset, aluminium Velo Orange mudguards, rechargeable lights and tubeless Rocket Ron 2.25" knobby tyres is around €6860,- or more for custom paint. It doesn't get much better than this...

A complete frame kit is €2899,- (you can get a quoatation when you send me an email with your ideas, needs and home address)

all prices are 21% VAT inclusive. Orders from outside the EU will be shipped without VAT, so devide by 1.21 and you got your price ex shipping cost.


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